Fred Mantel is videographer, audio engineer and webdeveloper, taking care of all kinds of audiovisual content. For customers, own projects and stock footage.

He has a grade in industrial engineering, but also a diploma in Digital Film making. Besides his day-to-day work, he is guitar player of the band Reviver.

During the mid 90s, Fred started his career as Service Information Analyst at IBM, being responsible for the operational continuity of a warehouse management system controlling the logistics of maintenance parts across Europe, Africa and Middle East. It’s to be noted that Fred travelled to Italy and Pakistan to educate people working with this system.

Alongside his work at IBM, Fred was busy as a guitar player and running a sound recording facility. While the studio became bigger and bigger, Fred worked as a full-time producer for 3 years. He was involved into several productions and produced a full-length album of the band Reviver. Each song of this record deals about ancient mysteries across the world. In 2005, the album has been released by a top 5 German metal label.

In 2006 Fred joined Dutch Public Broadcasting as an application administrator for the video-on-demand systems of the main television channels in the Netherlands. Fred promoted to senior and became responsible of a team of 7 people, busy with the operational continuity of all live streaming and video-on-demand services of the company.

To extend his skills within audiovisual production, Fred studied Digital Film making and received his diploma for the expertise in this kind of field. After his period at Dutch Public Broadcasting, Fred started his own company in audiovisual production.

Fred created an extensive database of animated audiovisuals, which are used in various TV shows like Ancient Aliens. Recently, Fred works for clients like Zohar Global Group and Media Invest Entertainment and produced visuals for the Erich von Daniken Legacy Night in London.

Besides his work within media production, Fred has many other interests, like science fiction, French culture and Kung Fu. He and his family renovated an old Dutch monument in which the facility of Fred Mantel media productions is located.

Since the many renovation and house painting work Fred and his wife Janine did, Fred launched a new company called Fred Mantel bouw en onderhoud (which is dutch for construction and maintenance). During the corona crisis in 2020-2022, Fred catched on with more house painting gigs, since work in media events declined during that period of time.

Last spring and summer periods, house painting and maintenance took a big leap. However, Fred is still busy as a videographer during the winter.

Names Fred has worked with:

IBM, Dutch Public Broadcasting, Zohar Global Group and Media Invest Entertainment.


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