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The Steal Panthers Episode One

From a planet far away, the steal panthers hunt through the universe looking for new sci fi based story’s. In a unique format, each episode showcases past and new projects from Fred Mantel media productions.

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Video edit for Blackpool Central development

Fred mantel media productions did the video edit for the Blackpool Central development trailer.

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Modeling a Fantasy Water Planet in Blender

Yes! We got a new time-lapse again. This video shows the speed modeling process of a Fantasy Water Planet. Enjoy!

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Animated glamorous bright video wall. Loop-able. 3D rendering 4K

A 3D animation of a video wall. An unrolling large media image screen which shows many small monitors in a special pattern. The clip is in glamorous shiny bright blue and white colors. This clip is loop-able This clip is rendered in 4K, ultra high definition. Resolution: 3840 x 2160

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